It’s amazing how it’s hard to locate any information that is reliable on the internet regarding hairstyles of men with balding best clippers for black men.

You’ll recognize this for yourself when you’ve tried to search Google for ‘balding hairstyles for men or ‘hairstyles for men who are bald or ‘balding hairstyles or any number of variations on this theme.

It’s a bit surprising given the amount of men with balding are, who need a good hairstyle as other…

That’s why… confronted with this injustice, I’ve put together my own guide for hairstyles for men who are balding…

It’s known that 95% of men who are bald or have alopecia have male-patterned hair loss. Male pattern baldness typically begins with receding hairline in the front, and is often coupled with thinning on the top.

As time passes, this thinned transforms into a complete bald spot. The area that is bald grows to completely extend over the entire head, separating from the sides and in the back.

However however, so long as there’s even a hair on my head, I’ll need a chic hairstyle. So, what hairstyles for balding is there to choose from?

The most balding hairstyle for men is the comb-over. This is the standard look loved by people older than a certain age. the hair grows larger on one side of the head, and then “combed” over” the area that is bald on the opposite side.

This method is not a good idea and can cause catastrophe even with the slightest breeze and must not be attempted at any cost.

However, if you know the basics, then what’s other guidelines and rules for hairstyles of men with balding?

The most frequent mistake is to comb the hair straight back. This can cover up bald spots however, it shows the face and makes it more obvious that the forehead is receding hairline.

The other is to grow your hair longer in the back to compensate the baldness on the top. This can cause imbalance in the hair and draws more attention to the scalp and lack of hair.

Men with thin hair could be enticed to use hair gel… however, it’s not advised. Gel will clump your hair and exposes the scalp.

Also the process of growing your hair longer in an effort to cover it up can cause your hair to split and reveal more scalp.

What are the rules of the game?

You can add more natural-looking fluffy hair applying conditioners and mousses.

Increase the length of your hair some inches, keep it in a layered fashion and then move it forward to break your receding hairline.

In the event that your line of hair isn’t receding significantly however at the top, your head is becoming thinner it is possible to get away by keeping your front hair long and comb your hair straight backwards to over the area of baldness.

In time, however your bald spot will grow.

The best hairstyle for men with balds, when confronted by an enticing bald dome is to go all the hair and cut it out or at a minimum, get a precise trim.

You’ll be amazed at people’s reactions and the praises you’ll receive – the shaving look is an acceptable hairstyle for balding these days.

Start by using the clippers with an electric motor like you can find in barbers. After you’ve clipped the bulky stuff, you can lather it up with shaving gel. This provides a close more smooth shaving experience that shaving cream.

After that, using a razor begin from the top and then shave it down using the grain with care towards the back. It’s best to observe the process using the mirror you use.

Shaving your head is only about a minute and you don’t have to do it daily (two or three times per week is enough).

Care for your new shaving head is similar to looking after your skin. Make sure you wash your head regularly with moisturizer soap, not the harsh soap for deodorization that could dry the head’s skin. Use a quality moisturizer after each wash. Cheaper moisturizers only clog your pores.

For summer, choose the perfect moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or more to prevent sunburn on your head. You’ll also need an insulated hat during winter to keep your body’s temperature.


A Guide To Balding Men’s Hairstyles