Top Smartphone Cameras Reviewed: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

We reviewed the top smartphone cameras on the iPhone 7 plus price in Nigeria market to help you find the one that makes the most sense for you. With so many new smartphones released, and even more on the horizon, it can be difficult to decide which of the best new smartphones makes the most sense for you.

We’ve reviewed a number of different smartphones on the market to help you decide and find cheap phone deals. By analyzing all the information and summarizing it for you, it’s our hope to provide you with the most amount of detail as possible.

In this review we focus on the iPhone brand by Apple, for subsequent reviews on Samsung phones and their camera strengths, stay tuned.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Camera

Not only did Apple re-make their iPhone brand, they improved on their camera performance as well. Their refinement of existing specs and technology is what makes the iPhone one of the top smartphone cameras around.

And if you know what you’re looking for, deciding on a new smartphone can be an easy decision. If you’re looking for convenience of use at a good price, the Apple brand is one that you need to consider.

This strategy by Apple of staying with what works well makes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus something to consider. They are made with the same 8-megapixel cameras found in previous models but with the ability to improve picture quality and stability with ‘focus pixels.’ The panoramic mode is improved to 13, 600 wide x 3,000 pixels tall, much similar to their previous releases.

Paired with its new A8 processor, Apple claims that the camera and processor doubles (2x) the speed of auto-focus for their picture performance. Additionally, stabilization technology takes 4 breath-taking pictures to help eliminate hand-shaking and other disturbances to stability. With the A8, gyroscope and M8 coprocessors, these refinements help the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus take the most visually stunning pictures ever by an Apple iPhone.

Key Aspects That Apple’s Top Smartphone Cameras Include:

8 Megapixel iSight Camera – iSight is Apple’s term for high-resolution capture, much similar to their use of the word video watching with Retina display.

  • Auto Focus pixels – The technology here is image refinement, allowing the pixels to take in more information and light about the subject, making clearer, more vibrant pictures.
  • Optimal Image Stabilization
  • 1080 HD video
  • A Dual-LED flash to help with shadows and eliminate red-eye in pictures.
  • Capture slow-motion video at 60 or 240 frames per second and time-lapse recording.
  • Panorama mode – good in the iPhone 6, but inconsistent levels while taking a picture can create some dark spots. The iPhone 6 Plus is much better at panorama than the smaller iPhone 6 probably due to its size and ergonomic shape.

Other important aspects to consider that marks a great new iPhone camera: Ability to refocus on the foreground or background. Tapping a picture in macro will enhance the subject focus and blur out the background, or you can focus on the entire picture. If you zoom in, the detail is great and crisp.

If you’re looking at a smartphone based upon its camera features, the iPhone brand has traditionally been ahead of the game. Marrying technological improvements with software enhancements is one of the Apple hallmarks, and with the new iPhones, Apple has done it well once again.



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