A wide range of flowers can be included in blooming tea, such as marigold, chamomile, chrysanthemum, hibiscus and even jasmine green tea. Naturally, all these have different tastes, which makes trying each of them a very enjoyable activity.

As each of the main tea types requires a different blooming tea water temperature for brewing, it is important to know the basis for the blooming tea ball you have purchased. When you know if it is green, black or white tea, you will know how best to brew the tea for the best outcome.

Water boiled to a maximum temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for flowering tea that uses black or oolong tea leaves. For loose green tea or white tea the temperature should be around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. One other matter is to make sure to use spring or distilled water so that the flavor is not tainted by chemicals in the water.

The type of container you use for making blooming tea is important. Glass containers are used most often for flowers tea so that people can see the action easily. If the container isn’t made from glass, it should be made from some other type of transparent material.

Just make sure that you use a proper container when making the tea. You will likely have to pour boiling water into it. If it isn’t designed for this, it will crack or even shatter upon doing so.

It’s most common for you to find balls to use for flowers tea. However, there are many more shapes and designs available for you to choose from. You may even be in for a nice surprise whenever the flowers open up.

The strength of tea depends entirely on the number of tea balls used. Using more than one tea ball at a time will not only give a stronger tea, but will provide twice the pleasure as the balls bloom.

Another factor that determines how your flowering tea turns out is how long you steep it. The minimum time is three minutes to give a milder tasting tea. You can steep it up to five minutes if you want tea with a darker color and more robust flavor.

After you have finished steeping your blooming tea, it’s best that you pour it into a separate container. If you don’t, then the tea will just keep getting stronger and stronger while you’re sitting there drinking. You can avoid this by using smaller teapots that you pour hot water into whenever you need more to drink.


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