Here are we are going to discuss things that cost high in the audi. However, for audi repairing you can choose Audi repair west los angeles because there are professional,

2. Oil change
Most modern audi cars with synthetic oils can go to 10,000 miles between oil changes. However, however, urban drives – stop and start signs of stop, light and traffic – you can make your oil every 5,000 miles.

Price: Regular oil replacement for Audi Vehicle runs between $ 130 and $ 145.

3. Tires
Not only your car will be less effectively prepared with tires that worn, but is also dangerous. Dry tires without tread or low air pressure are potential security care, especially when the stump is wet.

Costs: Replace all four wheels with factory tires in audi-commerce you can pay $ 18 18 18 1830 on the tire. If you have a reason for repayment costs, new factory wheels worth $ 775 and $ 1,450.

4. Air filter
Winfilters are often replaced between 6,000 and 10,000 miles. The clean air filter helps keep Pagris from the device.

Costs: Filter filters replace between $ 90 and $ 130.

5. Batteries
Test your Audi battery every three months or 3,000 miles. If the battery disappears – about three years – you start to see your cars. If you change the machine and lit the lights, the time may be on a new battery.

Cost: Battery essence for sound costs over $ 300.

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Average repair and cost of Audi
According to J.D. Power, Audi throws top 10 reliability tags. If you deal with caution, AUDI must be a reliable car with some problems. However, parts are wearing and should be replaced by age and kilometers. Check the most common problems and repairs for Audi cars.

Failure to comply with electricity
If your Audi has electrical problems, you can provide you with lamps or central redeoue lights that do not come. Some electrical audio problems cause draggling lights.

Solution: Diagnostics of electrical system and exchange errors. Estimated Costs: System diagnostics cost between $ 130 and $ 200, in addition to the cost of a replacement part. Parts and works can cost another $ 200 to $ 1,000.
Ignition coil and spark plug failure
A failed spark plug is the most common mechanical fault in Audi cars and can cause an ignition error. Ignition coils are also a common cause if there are problems with the spark plug.

Reason: Spark plugs and ignition coils have failed. Solution: Put the spark plugs and spoiled on ignition.
Estimated costs: $ 170 to $ 220 for spark plugs and $ 250 to $ 380 for rinsing submit.
Fixed thru
They realize the audiors due to the exhaust pipes. If you are exhausted, you should most likely replace your catalytic mechanics.

Reason: The Audi Repair System makes the catalytic cover and opens the joint where it is connected to exhaustion. This makes an escape.
Solution: Restore catalytic converted.
Estimated costs: $ 1.590 to $ 1,650.
Turn oil
Even new audits are known as oil leakage. If you break the smell of burning oil, smoke under coverage or other symptoms of oil leakage, search and solve problem. Opondkage may cause serious damage to your machine.

Reason: Valve leakage that contains PostSyn or seal.
Solution: Set covers or stamps.
Estimated price: $ 135 to $ 265 At the same time, the seal should be replaced.
What are Audi repair costs for different models? Various Audi cars have different repair costs. We fixed the view of Audi Audi repair for three best models: 2017 A3, A4 and A6. This price includes repair of electrical components, spark plugs and spark coils, CATAL for converter and Ventens.



Important Things In Audi that Need Consideration