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Mongolia is an Asian country with all four classic seasons, and the peak season for tourism runs from may to around the middle of September. For most tourists, summer and autumn are the best times to travel. And as Mongolia is still discovering its own tourist industry, it is not yet a place that is so crowded from hundreds of thousands of tourists, making it an ideal place to visit now, in its tourism youth. The people of the Mongolian Steppes and the Tibetan Plateau have a lot in common, from their devout Buddhist faiths to the stunning thangka paintings that can be found at festivals all across Mongolia and Tibet. Both people began their civilizations as nomadic tribes, with the Tibetan people relying on the yaks for their travel and daily needs while the Mongolian nomads used the steppe horses that they are famous for.

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No matter you want to travel from Hulunbuir Grassland to further north to Shiwei Russian Town, or go east to Aoluguya Reindeer Village, Ergun City is a good stopover for your trip. The most popular choices include the hotels in Hailar District and the Mongolian yurts in Hulunbuir Grassland. Hailar is the best choice for the first or last night in Hulunbuir, because it is the city center and is close to the airport of this region. If half of Hulunbuir is grassland, another half is forest. Greater Khingan Mountains, somewhat the most beautiful forest cluster in China, mostly belongs to Hulunbuir. For those who prefer to the self-driving tours or long China private car tours, you can also chose to driver to Hulunbuir.

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The ice are going to break and the snows by the riverside are gradually melting. However, it seems that Hulunbuir won’t wake up till the last part of this season. I do think that it is going to rapidly change in the coming years though. Tours & Activities – If you want to book tours and activities online, make sure to check out Get Your Guide. Get Your Guide takes the stress out of booking activities abroad. You will also find a range of benefits, such as skip-the-line passes, lunch included in your tours, and so much more.

The main thing to know is that if you’re looking to go to tourist areas, you’ll have to connect through Ulaanbaatar to reach main cities. Out in Western Mongolia, we went to a more local city for Naadam, and there was a bus.

All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. Time your trip in line with the annual Naadam Festival and you will have an altogether different experience. A celebration of the country’s traditions, the opening evening is marked with an impressive firework display in Ulaanbaatar’s Sukhbaatar Square. On the following day, the games begin, with men taking part in breathtaking feats of skill and endurance.

Moron town serves as a supply hub for food and gasoline for locals and international travelers. Some travelers stay overnight at the fine guest houses or hotels while experiencing northern Mongolia and Taiga adventures. Through her expertise I was able to sleep in local gers, experience the mysticism of a shaman, and ride a horse for three days without feeling like any of it was overly wrought. Breanna mastered that fragile balance of guiding my group without shielding us from the reality of traveling through such wild country. Videos and pictures of hundreds of zigzag rivers winding through the vast grassland, with sheep, horses and camels grazing around, sweep the network and attract numerous visitors to come.

• The entry to the monastery grounds are free, but visitors have to buy a ticket to enter the temples. The Erdene Zuu Monastery is truly a work of art and showcases how Tibetan Buddhism influenced the local culture. The initial 16th century architecture of the monument was built around a walled compound.

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I’ve been living here for six years, traveling the country solo and with friends in search of the coolest experiences, and best locals to know across the country. This tour highlights these experiences, and incredible people. Huitengxile Grassland and Xilamuren Grassland are two top grasslands to go near Hohhot, which are usually arranged in a classic Inner Mongolia discovery from Hohhot. And both grassland scenic areas offer horse riding experience, however, the standard cannot match that in Hulunbuir but is still a fresh try if you are interested in that. If you have time, there are a lot of other places to visit and things to do in the region such as an overnight stay with a nomadic family, horse trekking, a visit to Ugii Lake, and more.

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