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Are you serious to know about the facts behind car shipping to Qatar or Australia? Do you have the details of procedures which are followed during the transfer 중국배대지 of car from your country to Qatar? International auto shipping is indeed a complex activity and you need to have a good idea about it. If you do not have the time to skim through the details of international auto shipping,Guest Posting it would be a good idea to at least have the basics worked correctly and the leave rest to the international auto shipping company. By all means and intents, when you are planning to ship your car to Qatar or Australia, the very first thing that should strike your mind is customs policies. It is quite natural to think in terms of customs policies and protocols followed for the purpose of car shipping to

Qatar or car shipping to Australia. As a generic rule when you are transferring your car to Australia or Qatar, it is very necessary that the international auto shipping company should clearly mention in the shipping document the details about year, make and model of vehicle, License plate and VIN number, Full payment, prior to the pick up of the vehicle, bill of sale of the vehicle, name, mailing address, and telephone numbers, original title, as well as the name, mailing address, and telephone numbers of the consignee in the Qatar or Australia where the car or any vehicle for that matter is being shipped.The international auto shipping company will require a notary copy of the title. In fact it would work in your interests if you can provide the front and the back of notarized copy to the car shipping company. Do not forge the documents or pass on any piece of wring information as this would not lead you anywhere. The customs policies in Qatar and

Australia are quite stringent and in case of any discrepancies found in the shipping documentation, your car will be confiscated or you may have to pay high customs duty. Specific points on Car Shipping to QatarWhen car shipping to Qatar, you should make sure that the model of your car is at least three years old. The customs authorities will not be allowed if your car model is older than three years old. If you are the car owner, then you should be resident of Qatar before the registration of car has been done. There is no customs duty charged if the car is imported for personal use. Some of the other relevant documentation that needs to be shown to the customs would include car insurance policy, registration certificate of the car, proof of the ownership of the car, and the original import manifest of the car.Specific points on Car Shipping to AustraliaInternational car shipping to Australia would require that you have the original passport, original car registration certificate which clearly bears your name, and Carnet de Passages de Douanes from your original country. For more details on car shipping to Australia, it would be a great idea to hire the services of international auto shipping company.

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