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In the Rosicrucian statement, Fama Fraternitatis, the young Christian Rosenkreutz obtains his insight into magic during an excursion to the Heavenly Land, in a spot called “Damcar,” portrayed as a city in Arabia. While today “Arabia” will in general allude to the Bedouin Promontory, the Fama is presumably utilizing it just to allude to lands possessed by Bedouins. Across four centuries, researchers have attempted to distinguish the city of Damcar, yet without progress.

The probable justification for utilizing Damcar, as who is jesus opposed to the genuine name of the supernatural city, is that the genuine name would transparently recognize one of the pioneers behind the Rosicrucian fraternity, without a doubt something they needed to leave well enough alone. In 1652, the principal English interpreter of the Fama, Thomas Vaughan (who is cited underneath), was completely confounded by the significance of Damcar, however seeing an obvious reference to Damascus and figuring Damcar might be a similar spot, selected to decipher everything with the illogical “Damasco.” Unique German words are in sections:

“Sibling C.R… went to Damasco [Damascum], disapproving from thus to go to Jerusalem; yet by reason of the weakness of his body he stayed still there, and by his ability in Physick he got a lot of favor with the Turks: Meanwhile he became by chance familiar with the Shrewd men of Damasco [Damcar] in Arabia, and observed what extraordinary Marvels they fashioned, and how Nature was found unto them.”

Here we discover that Damcar was a city of shrewd men who were supernaturally dynamic. Since Sibling C. R. got comfortable with them in Damascus, Syria, we need to expect that the city of Damcar is moderately near the city of Damascus.

The Fama proceeds: “thusly was that high and respectable Soul of Sibling C.R. [C.R.C] so worked up, that Jerusalem was not such a lot of now to him as Damasco [Damcar]; likewise he was unable to harness his cravings any longer, however made a deal with the Arabians, that they ought to convey him for a specific amount of cash to Damasco [Damcar]; he was yet of the age of sixteen years when he came yonder, yet of a solid Dutch [teutschen] constitution.”

We, first of all, see that Sibling C. R. furthermore, Sibling C. R. C. can’t be a similar individual since Sibling C. R. is tormented with “the weakness of his body” however Sibling C. R. C. is just 16 years of age and of solid constitution. Accordingly, while Sibling C. R. is trapped in Damascus, Sibling C. R. C. must be in Jerusalem. Since Sibling C. R. C. pays Bedouins to convey him to Damcar, we need to accept that Damcar is generally near Jerusalem.

The city of Damcar is in this way near Damascus and it is additionally near Jerusalem. Where is it found? Clearly, the city of Damcar must be situated in northern Israel.

We should now focus on “Dutch” around the finish of the last statement. Since “Damcar” is a puzzler, might it at any point be a re-arranged word of a Dutch word? We should attempt DRAKEN, reworked as Denkar, articulated Damcar. Mythical serpents. Indeed, mythical serpents. However, a superior interpretation of “teutschen” may be “German” instead of “Dutch.” The German word for winged serpent is “Drachen,” which is close enough in light of the fact that the Germanic “c”, “ch” and “k” have comparable sounds, and generally similar contentions apply.

For the Christian attitude of the mid seventeenth hundred years, the words “winged serpent” and “Arabia” would rapidly evoke just something single: Holy person George. Everybody realize that Holy person George killed the mythical beast, by certain legends close to the Narrows of Beirut, and by different legends in the Blessed Land or in Libya, however in any case every single Arabic spot.

Then, we should observe the honorable “Soul” of Sibling C. R. C., which helps us to remember the two “Sancti Spiritus” and the “Spiritum Sanctum” from somewhere else in the Fama. Subsequently, the Fama presumably believes us should see just the “Holy person” as a hint (and dismissal the “George” but to work in English as this was the benefactor holy person of Britain!). “Holy person” is a word that has five letters and starts with the letter “S.”

To summarize: Damcar is an enchanted city eminent for its insightful men. It is situated in northern Israel, and the genuine name of this city has five letters and starts with the letter “S.”

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