When most people think about property refurbishment, they think about the outside and inside of the actual house. However, a well landscaped yard can offer a huge amount of curb appeal and increase the value of a given property. There are many reasons that the landscaping of a home can increase its value.

Landscaped properties get more drop-in buyers

A home with a landscape set up to set off the frame of the house refurbishment london house is a home where the “for sale” sign will get a lot of attention. In fact, homes with landscaped yards can expect to sell at least 6 weeks faster than homes without landscaped yards. In a market where sales time can be everything, a six-week lead on selling time can be extremely important.

Landscaped properties are worth more

Landscaping materials are relatively cheap and can increase the value of a home by as much as 15%. For a very small investment, people refurbishing their yards can expect to earn a significant amount of money and largely increase the value of a home. In addition, if there are parts of the house that are plain or unattractive, landscaping can be used to dress the area up.

Landscaped properties are energy-efficient

With the right plants and trees placed in the right spots, a home can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. In addition, when a tree is placed over an air conditioner, giving it continuous shade, it can increase the air conditioner’s efficiency by up to 10%. This is because the air conditioner is not being heated by outside sources, making it need to cool itself, as well as the house, down.

Homebuyers want landscaping

When new buyers are asked what they are looking for in a property, many specifically point out landscaping as one of the big things on the list. The psychology of this is easy. People want homes that others perceive as expensive. A well landscaped yard simply looks more beautiful and expensive compare to the one without any landscaping. Due to this, people looking to purchase a house will be drawn to the ones with the best landscaping.

They make the home more sellable

This is particularly true of landscaped properties with large trees. When dealing with realtors, it is estimated that 83% believe that fully grown trees have a strong or moderate impact on the salability of homes listed for under $150,000; on homes over $250,000, this belief among realtors’ increases to 98%.


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