Dagger kayaks desires no creation. They are the legends in the game of paddling. Daggers came into being with humans from all walks of lifestyles. Daggers is unfold around the globe in USA, Europe and Australia.

How Dagger’s came into being?

Joe Pullian and his three paddling pals decide to pool their tremendous revel in into the growing paddle recreation enterprise and create their personal boat company. They chose Roane Country, TN as their first place as it had close proximity to excellent paddling and reasonably-priced rent. In 1988 Daggers Canoe Co was introduced to the world. They multiplied and moved to a new facility in South Carolina. They have prospered leaps and boundaries. Their warehouse by myself is huge enough to preserve the whole Tennessee facility. They have a kingdom of artwork R&D facility with best equipments. With developing larger and converting location their commitment to the sport, innovation to the paddlers remain nonetheless very robust.

Daggers provide you with a extensive choice to pick from. Don’t fear in case you do no longer have a great deal enjoy. Spend the day giggling, studying and putting out in a laid lower back atmosphere.

1. Kids Kayak: Kids are the destiny of the next day. Many can be the paddling champions. Daggers have the proper gear and the kayak to suit them. It includes:





2. River Kayaks: These are almoners. They have functions consisting of flat planning hulls, secure out fittings and stable construction, making them notable for skill kayaking. It includes:

1.GT Series

2. Outlaw

three. Showdown

four. Honcho

five. Infrared

6. Redline

7. RPM RPM Max

3. Creek Kayaks: The kayaks are designed to take dagger the hits and blow and still preserve you secure. Daggers Creek kayaks perform on waterfalls, smash via huge stoppers and live upright down on technical slides. It consists of:

1. Mamba

2. Nomad

three. CFS


5. Touring kayaks: If you are a paddler who like to discover round, paddle on inland waterways, then you definately need a visiting kayak. Daggers have travelling kayaks with hull shapes which are excellent for solid paddling and capabilities which includes drop skegs assist you going directly. It includes:

1. Charleston

2. Blackwater

three. Eurox

four. Catalyst

5. Specter

6. Edisto

7. Discovery

8. Trinidad

6.Ocean/ sea kayak: Ocean paddling is gaining importance with so much water around it’s miles hard to withstand. Dagger’s ocean/ sea kayaks talk of consolation and safety. You can enjoy inshore cruising, tidal race browsing, and ocean open crossings. It consists of:


2. Exodus

3. Apostle

4. Halifax

five. Trinidad

7. River/ play kayaks: These kayaks are all approximately dynamic maneuvers. Their quick duration, flat hulls and centered extent, characterizes them. It consists of:

1. G- journey

2. Prescription/ RX

three. Agent

4. G- Force

five. Juice

eight. Recreational kayaks: These crafts permit you to live out so long as possible. Paddling is all about having a laugh. They may be used on canals, Lakes, slow moving rivers or to get to a beach. They are extra solid and smooth to use. It includes:

1. Approach

2. Blackwater

three. Fiesta

4. Catalyst

5. Element

9. Sit- on- tops: These crafts make you experience similarly at home in sea or surf. These kayaks have extensive beam. They are first-rate cruising on flat waters. It consists of:

1. Cayman

2. Hula

three. Scout

Daggers is another call for excellence where their determination, love for adrenaline has propelled them and their designs inside the lead of the paddling global.

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