Driving is something that needs proper concentration and it is not easy to multitask while driving easy quizzz. But attending to calls or text messages is urgent it is important that one uses the hands free option which is now available, the second alternate is to bring the vehicle to a stop and then send a text message but certainly one needs to stop texting while driving under any circumstances.

Ther are States which have come out with stiff penalties for those who send text messages while driving hence stop that addiction. Apart being dangerous, now there are stiff penalties which have been prescribed by local authorities too and this could even lead to cancellation of your driving license, if repeated occurrences take place.

Apart from the dangers, penalties and confiscation of driving license, social awareness need to be generate among the citizens. One also needs to realize the implications of texting messages through hand held speech devices. At the same time people also need to be made conscious about the fact that, even a moment’s loss of concentration, especially, when driving at high speeds, can prove fatal. One needs to be sensible, sensitive as well as develop a sense of responsibility and stop texting while driving.

When you happen to be involved in an accident, it can be very painful and unpleasant – it is then, one will realize that one should have been careful and one should have stopped texting while driving Why wait for an accident to happen – can we not be a little sensible and take precautionary measures before it calamities befall on you. One must think of more sensible options like putting an auto prompt message which says that you are unable to take the call immediately, but will call back when you are free. If you cannot keep your eyes and hands off your mobile use the hands free option for taking calls and sending text messages. Download the necessary applications online from relevant sites. It will keep you family off panic attacks.

Ponder over the consequences of an unpleasant, bad accident: the excruciating pain, the expense involved (your medical bills, the costs involved in repairing your vehicle, your days at home (which could affect your income, depending on how many days of sick leave you are entitled to), the legal implications since the affected party could take you to court for your irresponsibility comfortable. Is all this worth it? Can we not be a little more sensible and simply stop texting while driving?

Also imagine the guilt which you will experience if you have hit another person – that person could be killed or could be extremely injured and could have broken limbs. This guilt will keep nagging at you for the rest of your life. So, simply stop texting while driving for it will prevent you from turning into a murderer.


Stop Texting While Driving Because it is Dangerous