With support from the Hermès Foundation, she produced a silk print describing the excesses of consumer society, inspired by a famous painting of Hieronymus Bosch. At Hermès, traditions are kept relevant and linked to passion through frequent collaborations with contemporary creators and designers and even customers. For example, Laurent Goblet, a saddler at Hermès for forty years, worked closely with German dressage champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl in designing the famous Arpège saddle. Hermès also drew on the skills of its traditional glassmakers to produce watches with diamond indexes embedded in sapphire crystal, which appear to hover above the inner workings.

Sign up to our mailing list to get the latest on our products, services, events, industry insights and company announcements. We have developed a comprehensive Brand Protection Maturity Model, designed to help businesses progress from the stage they currently sit at. Our experts use this model to help guide your program and elevate your strategy. Apply image capabilities to prioritize infringements that use your logo, contain copycat products, or embed high-risk keywords within images. Attempts to create new selling accounts stopped in 2022, preventing bad actors before they published a single product for sale. Help bring bad actors to justice by working with our legal team to build cases against counterfeiters. Patents come in three varieties – utility patents (which represent nearly 90% of all patents), design patents and plant patents.

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BEC attacks are those where the criminal poses as an employee of a company to defraud unsuspecting employees, prospects, customers, or business partners. For example, an attacker may pose as an employee of a supplier and send a fake invoice to a manufacturer. Bolster works with some of the biggest brands in the world across multiple industries. Our customer base includes some larger companies, and smaller companies whose brand protection needs are simpler, though not less important. Working with a range of companies has provided key insights into what it takes for companies to design and implement a modern brand protection program. Brand protection is the specific process of protecting a brand’s intellectual property from infringement like counterfeiting, copyright piracy, patent violations, and more. Brand protection is one form of protection used to manage the reputation of companies, which are vulnerable to all manner of infringement and abuse.

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Consumers may actually demand the ability to verify that the product is authentic, and this creates an opportunity to engage with the brand. The difference between brand management success and failure comes down to ongoing innovation. Brand management and marketing both appear to do the same thing; after all, both departments influence how external stakeholders perceive the company’s or product’s brands. A good example is provided by the Hermès Corporate Foundation, which offers residencies to artists. This gives them the opportunity to work with Hermès craftworkers and designers to explore social themes from multiple perspectives and create art works using the materials used for Hermès products . For example, Bianca Argimon, a Belgian artist in residence at the Hermès textile holding company in the Lyon region, was interested in printing on silk muslin, a material that is particularly delicate.

While esports brands certainly aren’t legacy brands, their rapid explosion holds lessons on the art brand protection of adaptability for any company. Historically, brands have risen and fallen in prominence slowly.

Any deviations from these rules must be run through the brand management team for special approval. Though companies always risk depressed financial results during market downturns, companies with stronger brand management may be able to weather the storm easier. This is because consumers may find it non-negotiable to deviate from companies they have strong, positive associations with even during inclement financial times. Though never a given, stronger brand management that drives brand loyalty and brand equity may drive stronger sales quantities. As more consumers are tied to a brand or positively recognize a brand, they are more likely to choose it over an unfamiliar alternative . A brand that has been established has to continually maintain its brand image through brand management. This makes sure that your consumers feel they can trust your business and what you have to offer.

The desired outcome is to remove the infringing content from the Internet, social media platform, or marketplace. Beyond that, you can also try to take over the domain or freeze accounts. Brand protection services must use a combination of image and keyword detection to understand the intent of a site, social media post, or marketplace listing. Otherwise, you will be wading through an endless volume of false positives. Beyond just websites, social media platforms, and marketplaces have emerged as hotbeds for brand infringement. Social media is a criminal’s dream because profiles are free, and they can target their victims with precision—just like legitimate businesses.

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